Coniston Bakery has been an icon “on the corner, opposite the pub” for more than 25 years. In 2012, it was given a fresh new look when the Caldwell family bought it and has been growing ever since. The bakery is owned by experienced bakery operators, Jason and Robyn Caldwell.  Jason has been baking for over twenty years and together with Robyn and his mother, Judi, they have been involved in their own bakeries for the last fifteen years. With the success of Coniston Bakery, in 2015 Jason and Robyn expanded when they opened their second store, Coniston Bakery @Unanderra.

Upon walking in to either shop, you immediately notice the large well-lit cabinets housing a huge selection of bakery goods where there is something for everyone. There is a vast variety of hot pastries, including your classic meat pie, a variety of chunky steak flavours and the ever-popular pasty. Premade sandwiches and salads are also there, which offers a range of healthy alternatives as well as catering for any dietary requirements.

The cake selection is something the locals are talking about. Everything from the old favourites – donuts, finger buns, vanilla slice, eclairs and butterfly cakes, our delicious fruit flans and delectable  cheesecakes. Try stopping at just one!

There is a mammoth selection of bakery goods up for offer, which include individual and family sized portions.  The family products are very popular, and include a variety of pies, quiches and cakes. The appealing part about the family products are that they are not only delicious, but can take off the burden of organising food for events, or merely just for family dinners.

Coniston Bakery is renowned for their incredibly gorgeous and delicious specialty cakes.  With over ten years of experience, our talented pastry chefs are passionate about cakes and will go the extra mile to work with you to achieve your dream cake, within your budget.  Cakes coming from Coniston Bakery are certainly a work of art!

Coniston Bakery does not only offer great breakfast and lunch options, the coffee is delicious. Our baristas use a blend of La Zumba Coffee beans to create a creamy, smooth coffee.

If you are looking for catering for an event, the bakery offers competitively priced cocktail savouries, sweets and a wide range of platters. From something as simple as cupcakes, salads, sandwiches, rolls and fruit platters, the catering menu is the way to go for any function or occasion.

Come on in and see for yourself the range on offer at Coniston Bakery.